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How to grow hair

There are many home remedies to grow hair quickly, but the mere possibility that our hair grows in a short time seems more like a Chinese story.

The average monthly growth is almost one and a half centimeters. And not only has to do with how we treat the hair, but also with internal issues such as diet or stress.

Tips to follow:
Growth activating liquid and hair purifier In herbalists you will find the liquid called Rhatma. Apply on the scalp, it can be wet or dry. Massage a little to help the absorption.

Olive oil with rosemary

Both ingredients allow you to grow your hair in a simple and effective way. Just place half a cup of oil with two tablespoons of rosemary in the microwave and heat two minutes. Let stand covered for three days and then apply with gentle massage on the scalp between the camp and the conditioner.


Chop a medium onion and add it to the shampoo. Let it sit for 15 days and use it as usual. This will make it grow faster and at the same time have more brightness.

Massage the scalp

If you dare do it yourself, or you can ask your partner or maybe in the beauty salon. You just have to place a few drops of essential oil on the tips of your fingers and massage the scalp a few minutes before bathing.

Do you know other tips?
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