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I´ve been thinking about trying a change with my hair for a long time, I´ve had long hair years ago and I really have a hard time keeping it. So I´ve been reporting on the natural clip hair extensions, I think it´s a great thing to be able to change the style and not have to wait so long for my hair to grow.

It is also another way to keep our hair healthier because we can cut it more often by cleaning the tips, the growth weakens my tips and in the end it costs more time to wear a long mane, so I have been gossiping this website is called BestHairBuy and it has great prices.

What I liked best about BestHairbuy is that it has high quality products at low prices and the best that the extensions are 100% Human hair.
This online store offers BestHairBuy clip in hair extensions of different lengths, different colors and styles to meet all our needs. I have been informing myself and have a lot of reputation among clients around the world. As a guarantee of good company is that if damaged products are received, they do provide a refund or replacement of our product.

Other products that I have also found very interesting are BestHairBuy brazilian hair and BestHairBuy hair bundles. So I think I´ve decided I´m going to get some nice clip extensions I´ve been reporting and they are the easiest to put on, they do not hurt your hair at all and they are easy to maintain.The important thing is to take good care of them, wash them when the extensions are dirty, do not receive the nutrients from the root, which is more important to moisturize than to wash it. The length of your extensions will depend on how often you wash them.

The less you wash them, the longer they will last you. Before washing them, unroll them well starting from the tips upwards using a good special brush. Fill the sink with warm water. Place the tips of the hair extensions in the water and leave the base of the stitching out of the water.
Keeping the base of the extensions dry will help you to last longer and become less entangled. It is advisable to wash each extension piece separately, with neutral or dry shampoo to prevent entanglement.

Using a good conditioner when caring for extensions is very important. You should condition your human hair extensions at least every time you wash them. By not receiving the natural oils from the scalp that your own hair does receive from the root, natural hair extensions need conditioner to keep them shiny and smooth.

Avoid rubbing too much hair and pulls when brushing your extensions because as you fall, when brushing and washing your extensions, the hair comes out of the curtain of the extensions and they are getting thinner and they lose volume with the step of the months. The extensions must be air dried, not with the dryer. You can mold the hair extensions with your iron or curling iron once they are completely dry.

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