There isnt anything better than a weekend escape in your own city to avoid the routine, and relax in a different environment. We opted for Four Seasons The Westcliff, located in the prestigious neighborhood The Parks, close to downtown Johannesburg.
As many of you know, I worked as PR Director of Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellín - Colombia, so for me staying in a hotel makes me look at things with a very different eye. I pay specific attention to the quality of service and the little details, which often make a stay either bad, good or excellent.

Four Seansons The Westcliff is set on a hillside of varying elevations. It is an urban resort with 117 luxurious rooms, most with private terraces or a garden patio.

From the moment we arrived the staff were very friendly, making us feel very welcome.

Our room was a Junior Suite with a beautiful view of the Parks and Johannesburg.

After this very warm welcome in our room, we decided to take a walk before heading to the spa for a massage.

We went to the deck which is surrounded by beautiful and perfectly manicured gardens. People were laying down in the beach chairs and relaxing.

I was wearing:
Jumpsuit: Country Road
Handbag: Guess
Shoes: Bronx Woman

After spending some time with my husband and son, I left them on the deck and headed to the spa for a treatment.

I put my gown on and waited for my therapist at the Relaxing Room.

My therapist Thandeka picked me up and took me to the massage room.
Thandeka started with a food ritual to welcome me to the spa. She also did a useful consultation regarding which treatment I chose, and what type of pressure and preferences I had.

I chose the Afrique in Harmony Balancing Massage, which started with a "body walk" to introduce Thandekas hands to my body, but also to discover where the tension was. All of this was accompanied with a breathing technique that she took me through to slow down my heart rate.
Then she started with the massage, done with coconut oil rich in vitamin E. My therapist used a TriTouch to drain lymphatic fluid from the lymph nodes, and also stimulated my pressure points, activating the bodys natural curative abilities and improving the energy flow.
After my treatment, which I loved, I sat with Thandeka at the relaxing room and had a very interesting chat about the different types of massages, and the benefits of each one. It was a learning exercise for me and I could see that she knows a lot about body relaxing techniques and healing. She was so lovely and has a beautiful energy, which is so important for this type of job.

The Spa has a heated pool perfect to have a swim after the treatment. I spent some time there relaxing and recharging my batteries. Then I headed to my room to get ready to meet my husband at The Flames to watch the sunset.

Ready to spend the rest of the afternoon with my husband and son

But first, a glass of wine to see the sunset

I was wearing:
Jumpsuit: Woolworths
Shoes: Bronx Woman

The Flames is a bar and restaurant with one of the most beautiful views of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is one of the biggest urban forests in the world, isnt it beautiful?

I had a great time while watching the sunset with my husband. The Flames has a really friendly atmosphere, we ended up talking with other people who were also there. We laid down in one of the couches and Luka really enjoyed watching the view and the hundreds of birds in the sky, announcing the end of the day and the beginning of the night.

At night time, as we were with our son, we decided that it would be better to have a romantic dinner in our room. This proved to be the perfect choice. We bathed Luka and put him in the cot that the hotel set up for us with a very cute blanket.
"The Difference between something good and something greater is the attention to detail"

Love the set of amenities that the hotel had for Luka, plus the changing mat, diaper bin, a small bath and extra diapers! As parents, when a hotel thinks about you and your little kid, this makes a huge difference. Gestures like this definitely made our stay much more comfortable.

Moses, our waiter, set a beautiful table in our room. We had a starter cheese platter, then I ordered a Grilled Salmon and my husband a pasta.

The pop corn Creme Brûlée was to die for


Waiking up with this view, so priceless

We had a very relaxing day, we walked around, had our breakfast and later we spent the whole morning at the swimming pool.

I was wearing:
Dress: Trenery
Sandals: Woolworths
Shades: Lundun

It is amazing how every single corner of Four Seasons The Westcliff has the most wonderful view of the city! This is really impressive

We were spoilt for choice at breakfast. We eventually decided on the Eggs Benedict, so yummy!

Time to enjoy the pool. Heres the man whose mostly behind the camera, my handsome husband ;)

I really liked and appreciated how friendly the staff was with our son Luka. They always had a kind word for him or even jokes. He made lots friends during our stay here.

Swimsuit: The Hub

This is the perfect Jozi weekend escape, any time of the year. Thanks Four Seasons for a very special weekend.
These are my ratings from 1 to 5, 5 being the best.
- Location: 5
- Service / Staff : 5
- Room (linen,condition of the furniture, comfort of the mattress, view): 5
- Bathroom: (Cleanliness and amenities): 5
- Cleanliness (Public areas and restrooms): 5
- Public Areas (Gardens, restrooms, parking, elevators): 5
- Restaurants and bar area: 5
Food (Presentation, taste, temperature): 5
- Spa (Facilities, service, treatments): 5
- Swimming pool (Cleanliness, safety, temperature of water): 5
Thanks for reading

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