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You are beautiful in every single way

Hello Pretties!!

Today I introduce my new skin care treatment that works accordingly exactly with my facial skin necessities. I mean that is formulated exclusively and particularly for my problem to be solved by the beauty specialist.

My skin problem was the lack of water, the dehydration, and also the pore saturation due to overusing the makeup (for my occupation).


The treatment stars with one milk cleanser and balancing, plus a tonic wich function is both detect how the skin reacts to it (test) and close the pores after cleansing. With the tonique the specialist determine the skin state and what kind of treatment goes better for the type of skin problem. And in addition to this, she is giving a unique and exclusive treatment formulated cream wich contains the principle actives according to the results of the test.


On the other hand the tonique is also part of the treatment for everyday care.

Watch the video tutorial by clicking here

Every women in every different moment have various necessities and this laboratory is able to compose a treatment exclusively for each problem with natural ingredients extracts, amnioacids, carthogenes and vitamins. The night cream (which is reflected on the last picture below) is particularly created only for me. That’s what is amazing of that laboratory.

If you are interested by having a real treatment as a cure based on a test, go for your most reliable beauty specialist and ask for Biologique Recherche. And tell me how your skin performance.

Women, are beautiful in every single way!!… And much more with our unique product customised. Don’t you think?!!


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