LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015


LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015

LookFantastic is celebrating the subscription boxes’ first birthday with LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015.

Studying my stats I realized that the post about beauty boxes in Spanish were visited mostly by international readers, so I decided to translate the content to English hoping that will be useful for all of them. First of all, I am sorry for the spelling or grammatical errors, since English is not my first language.

Right now I’m preparing an entry about this store because I am really enjoying their monthly boxes and I saw that you can now preorder LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015. So I anticipate and I give you the information.

LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015

Promotion Beauty Box of Lookfantastic

LookFantastic Beauty Boxes are 1 year old, and to celebrate it this box will be the most special to date. It is valued at more than 145 dollars, not only it has 6 essential beauty products (worth $85), but also brings the best discount vouchers for webs … (most The Hut shops, the same group as LookFantastic ).

You can save $15 aprox in each of this online shops: Coggles, AllSole, MyBag y en Myprotein. And $15 if you want to buy their star products: ghd Stylers at Lookfantastic. Total in coupons 60 dollars.

Each month they choose 30 lucky subscriptors who will have an extra gift in their box. And this month that gift will be the GHD IV Styler and dryer Air Duo valued at more than $300.

Pre-Order Your September Beauty Box $23.70


¿What kind of products will I find in a Beauty Box?

Usually there will be skin and hair care, makeup and beauty products. These products are chosen with care to be useful for everyone. So you can rest easy knowing that everything that comes in your beauty box can be used independently of your skin or hair type.

The size of the products usually are travel or sale size.

Can I only buy the LookFantastic Beauty Box September 2015 edition?

Yes. This is one of the great advantages of LookFantastic Beauty Boxes. You can buy individual boxes without having to subscribe.

Subscriptions are automatically renovated?

No, another plus for LookFantastic. Buy what you want to buy, no surprises on your bank statement. For example, if you sign up to a six months subscription and you want to keep getting more boxes, you have to buy it again.

Are subscriptions worth it?

Yes, if you are not sure I suggest you start with a three months subscription. Here I write subscriptions prices so you see the difference and how much you can save:

Time Price by Month Total Price
1 Month $23.70 $23.70
3 Months $21.00 $63.20
6 Months $19.75 $118.50
12 Months $17.75 $213.30

More About LookFantastic Subscriptions

My vouchers are not accepted

LookFantastic has plenty of discounts codes available and I have gathered a lot of them at the entrance I’m writing about this store. There are a number of brands that are usually excluded from promotions, including monthly beauty boxes.

Where can I see LookFantastic Beauty Box Septiembre 2015 content?

In theory it’s a surprise but, as they deliver then at September 1st, so during the first week I will be able to tell you what are the products in them and if you like them (and they are still available) you can order yours.

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