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HALLOWEEN 2014: AF Moda´s Fashion Code

Halloween Fashion Looks

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year, and this 2014 could not be the exception. So in AFModa we are making a little break in our trilogy of trends to dedicate a post to this party that we love, where mystery, religion, entertainment and costumes get mixed with an increasingly popular and entrenched to our culture tradition.

As we know, Halloween or "All Hallows Eve the" (in Old English) is held every October 31 and represents the eve of the feast of All Saints. It´s the mix of a celebration of Celtic origin called "Samhain" (celebration of the end of harvest season and the beginning of transition to the new) and also the Christian holy day of All Saints (where all the saints and people who have died are honored). From the XVIII century, this tradition has expanded by different countries and cultures, now enjoying a great reputation worldwide. It is associated with a number of prominent landmarks, such as the colors orange, black and purple, the pumpkins, scary stories, witches, ghosts, bats, costume parties and the famous "trick or treat", where children go from house to house asking for candy, and if we don´t give them, they do them some mischief.

On Halloweenwe"re supposed to disguise ourselves. However, not all people like it, and usually reject these festivities to simply avoid it. As in AF Moda we love Halloween, we wanted to offer you, like we did last year, some trendy outfits that without making you look "disguised" will allow you to bring the spirit of Halloween wherever you go.

The trick for a Halloweentouch in our fashion look is, first in accessories: in the market we can find a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings themed Halloween, in different qualities and prices varied; these elements as a companion to our looks will make us be in tune with the holiday. Makeup and nail polishin orange and black shades will also help us to give some Halloween detail our look, without being recharged. And finally the choice of clothing: if we choose clothes in black, gray and orange tones, and also managed to find allegorical prints and details like ghosts, skulls, pumpkins, bats, etc. even better!.

Here are our Halloweeninspiration´s proposals for this 2014:

Halloween Looks

Halloween Looks

Halloween Looks

Halloween Looks

Halloween Looks

In AF Modawe believe that fashion in addition to style and glamor can also be fun, close and full of personality, and dates like Halloween invites us to let our imagination fly and play with all the elements that are within our reach. Without going in disguise, we can enjoy the Halloween, having a good attitude, being creative and showing a lot of personality. So this Friday, we invite you all to enjoy the Halloween!!.

(Remember that next week we continue our trilogy Fashion Trends F/W 2014-2105) ;-)

Have a Nice Week and See you NextTime!

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