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080 BARCELONA FASHION: AF Moda´s Favorites F/W 2015-2016

080 Barcelona Fashion

080 Barcelona Fashion is one of the most famous fashion weeks in Spain, a biennial event that brings together the best and most representative Catalan fashion designers in the same space, where they show their proposals and trends for the next season.

In this opportunity the 080 Barcelona Fashion chose the Maritime Museum of Barcelona as the event´s place, a magical and charming space to display the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collections of consecrated and newcomers Catalan designers. An event impeccably produced, with amazing promotion and diffusion, which has given its own name in the national and international fashion weeks.

In AF Modawe are unconditional fans of the 080 Barcelona Fashion. We are always amazed by its depth conceptual proposals, bohemian and casual style, and its rebellious spirit that exudes freedom. In this edition we enjoyed incredible proposals, and as is tradition in our blog, we share with you our favorite designers:

SOURCE OF IMAGES: 080 Barcelona Fashion. EDITION: AFModa

CELIA VELA: Fall / Winter Collection 2015-2016

As everyone knows, we love this firm and this designer, and we have been following her for quite some time. The firm exudes femininity and sophistication, with an exceptional attention to detail, and a masterful way of mixing materials and textures that has given her a high national and international recognition. This time she was inspired by a love story between a Japanese girl and a Catalan boy, taking the kimono as the base garment for the approach of the collection. The color palette ranges from black, gray, purple blue and gold and beige tones, mixing different textures knitted fabrics, leather and shiny materials. Simply wonderful!

Celia Vela F/W 2015-2016

SITA MURT: Fall / Winter Collection 2015-2016

This is another of our favorite firms. Talking about Sita Murt is to talk about technology in the service of research, where the tricot fabric is the star material. It is a firm designed for a modern, active woman who is always looking for ways to make everything possible. This collection is inspired by the British and masculine style with a sexy touch to give it a twist, making the mix of textures of silk and tricot the perfect contrast to transmit it. The color palette ranges from gray, copper, khaki, green and touches of electric blue. We loved this collection!.

Sita Murt F/W 2015-2016

MIRIAM PONSA: Collection "Exile"

This is another of our favorites from Catalan Fashion. This firm is noted for its handcrafted work and conceptual proposals, always deep and interesting. They work out of trends, and leans more towards an author´s fashion. Is simply wonderful!. This collection was inspired by Spanish intellectuals exiled from the Franco era in 1939, in the sorrow and suffering that the forced journey caused them. Overlay clothes and layers, oversize volumes, mix of fabrics (knitting, wool, silk and latex) and a color palette that ranges in black and gray in various shades, are key elements of this collection. A great work of creativity and sensitivity!.

Miriam Ponsa F/W 2015-2016

MANGO: Fall / Winter Collection 2015-2016

This is one of the Spanish most international brands, with stores in major countries. For this collection they got inspired by the 70"s and the Hippie style, proposing dresses, skirts, ponchos, pants and shorts full of femininity in vaporous fabrics and leather. The color palette moves between white, black and beige with touches of blue color and grey. We love the boho-chic and retro air of this collection!.

Mango F/W 2015-2016

LEBOR GABALA: Collection "Extremes are attracted"

A firm that we just discovered, has captivated us with its profound simplicity and its special treatment to tricot fabric (cashmere, silk, cotton, extra-fine merino wool and alpaca) and masterfully mixing of them with other sublime fabrics like cotton, velvet, voile, batiste and linens. This collection mix opposites like retro/psychedelic style with the most current technology fabrics. Also contrast the long, volume and style of the clothes, walking between sporty, functional and chic. Their palette of colors oscillate from the most basic black and gray, trough vivid and striking colors as orange, blue, purple and green. We love this discovery. It is a very interesting firm!

Lebor Gabala F/W 2015-2016


As we always say, from AF Moda we support the Spanish fashion in all its diversity and richness, and consider it must be exalted. Spain has great talents able to offer a wonderful fashion, and events of the stature of 080 Barcelona Fashion are the best platform to show them to the world. We"ll be there whenever we can, supporting from our small platform, exalting the work of Spanish designers!

Have a Nice Week and See you NextTime!

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