FASHION TRENDS S/S2015: Smart Shopping (Part 1)

Fashion Trends S/S 2015

Fashion Trends S/S2015 announces the arrival of the new season: the sun rises, the good weather comes and it"s time to reinvent our image for this season. The best way to do so is shopping intelligently so that we can make the most of our clothes and look great during the following months. As is tradition, in AF Moda we publish our trilogy with tips to understand the trends that come and buy them judiciously, controlling compulsive and irrational fashion consumption, and choosing the ones that best suits our style, personality and physiognomy.

Over the coming months you will find many articles about Fashion Trends S/S2015 in blogs, magazines and specialized fashion pages, so stay tuned to keep up with what"s coming and how to wear it in the best way.  In AF Moda we expect our trilogy serve you as a starting point and inspiration for the spring and summer, giving you a smile and the best disposition towards the world of fashion. So let"s start!.

There are four key elements to consider in each fashion season: colors, prints, fabrics, finishes, and the key items (those that appear renewed every season and enjoy greater success, which means they will be available at all points of sale). When we buy a new garment or search in our wardrobe looking for what of what we have might be used again in the season, as long as we manage to have one or more of these features, we will be on the right track within fashion trends, looking "beautiful" at the same time.

This season, Fashion Trends S/S2015 present us with the following bases:


- Earth tones (browns, browns, tans, browns, etc.)

- Colors Pastels (pale pink, light yellow, sky blue, pastel green and lilac)

- White in variety of shades

- Orange in variety of shades

- Yellow in variety of shades

- Blue in variety of shades

Colors Spring Summer 2015


- Degradé

- Brightly colored flowers (roses, sunflowers, petunias, carnations)

- Dots

- Paisley

- Psychedelic

- Stripes

- Vichy

Prints Spring Summer 2015



- Anti

- Denim

- Tricot

- Lace

- Exotic Skins

- Transparencies (gauze, tulle, muslin, etc.)

Fabrics Spring Summer 2015


- Asymmetric Hem

- Snips

- Patchwork

- Fringe

- Feathers

Finishes Spring Summer 2015



- Kimono

- Biker jacket in bright and pastel colors

- Bolero

- Raincoat

- Pastel Coat

- Poncho

- Trench

- Soft Coat

Outerwear Spring Summer 2015


- Vest

- Polo

- Minimal Shirt

- Bandeau

- Cropped Top

Tops Spring Summer 2015


- Mini Skirt

- Fifties Skirt

- Wrap Skirt

- Pencil Skirt

- Maxi Skirt

- Short

- Bermuda

- Capri Pants

- Cropped Pant

- Jeans

- Wide Leg Pants

Bottom Spring Summer 2015


- Boho  Dress (romantic and bohemian)

- Shirt Dress

- Little Black Dress (LBD)

- Little White Dress (LWD)

- Jewell Dress (with embroidery and applications)

- Goddess Dress (with asymmetrical neckline, pleats, drapes and transparencies)

Dresses Spring Summer 2015


- Jumpsuits (short, long, smooth, prints, in a variety of tissues)

- Overall (in variety of colors, fabrics and lengths)

Trendy Clothes Srping Summer 2015


They come in the colors and patterns of the season, in a variety of materials including fringe, stamping and metallic.

 - BAGS: mainly with short handle, maxi bags, crossing body, backpacks and clutches

- SHOES: heeled sandals, Roman sandals, flat sandals, platform shoes and sneakers 

- SCARVES: long and short with multicolor print.

Accesories Spring Summer 2015

You will find all elements that we have described in most of the garments that are already on sale in shops, in a variety of qualities, patterns and prices to suit all tastes and possibilities. It´s all about taking a look at what we have in our closet and find what could work and be reused, and complement it with a new add garment.

With having or buying some clothes or accessories that fit into one or more of these features, you will be a little closer to Fashion Trends S/S2015. If we want to go even further, we have to get into the field of style, which is the subject of the second part of this trilogy: Women Styles for Spring / Summer 2015.

This is just beginning. We still have several meetings to explore in depth the wonderful Fashion Trends S/S2015, so don´t miss our next meetings. In AF Moda we love sharing with you this trilogy!. See you next week!.

Have a Nice Week and See you next Time!

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