Ashley-S brown (3color) Circle lenses review

Hi honeys!

Ive been super late with the post, as they will know a long time without Internet and now I have to change computers and the one I have is slower and has no network card so at the moment Im in the living room of my house, goodbye privacy!

Today I am here with my first review of circle lenses, I must say that I use them in time and I can give you a more accurate opinion.

These circular lenses are the Klenspop shop and both are flat, ie have no increase. Because I havent yet received my formula I asked for them without any increase.

⬆ This is the contents of the box: two circular lenses, a lens case and a pair of clips.





Graphic DIA




Using Period

6 month

Water Contect




➧DESIGN/PATTERN+ COLORThese circle lenses are three-tone that look good, the color is ideal for everyday use if you do not want to draw too much attention, personally would have preferred that the inner central tone was a little darker. on the inside depending on the lighting I do not notice if Im wearing glasses, although my vision is quite good with them.


Initially I began to feel some discomfort in one of the eyes but, when moving it on the eyeball and adjusting well the annoyance but never returned. When I use them, I usually wear them all day long for more than eight hours and I have not had any problems or side effects.


The magnification is quite subtle, the difference is not too great because the design chart is smaller than the lens sizes.


Overall I like these circular contact lenses, they are super comfortable. The magnification sizes are adequate in fact they can be used to go to work without looking like Im doing cosplay. If the central part was darker they would surely look more natural.


And have you ever worn glasses from this store?

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