LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015


LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015

LookFantastic has got huge changes for the subscription boxes fans. You can get now your LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015 OR you can get a subscription (1, 3,6 or 12 monthly) which will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription.
There is something I love about LookFantastic beauty boxes and that was you can buy exactly the boxes you want and forget about it unless you want more boxes. Then you buy it again and again and again.
But when you know it, well, you know it…
So you can get a subscription that will automatically renew for a further fixed term of the same length.
Another advantage is that it will be charged you each month, so you don’t have to put all the money in advance. Basquet example:
3 months subscription

For example, imagine you buy a 3 months subscription (renewal 3 monthly). In your basket you will be charged only $20.52. On November $20.52 will be automatically charged in your bank. And then the same on December. Then it will be renewed automathically unless you cancel your subscription.
I got a little bit lost searching the boxes because they have changed the links, so here you have all of them:
Get Your October Beauty Box $23.10

Get Your Renewable #LFBeautyBox Here
* Take a look to our Discount Codes. There are often FREE boxes offers.
LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015
The limited edition Christmas Beauty Boxes are a three months collection. LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015 is the first of its kind. You have three unique designs to enjoy.
With 6 essential beauty products (skin, hair, cosmetic and body products) it is valued at more than 76 dollars.
You know each month 30 lucky subscriptors have an extra gift in their box. Each month they have a new gift and this month you they are giving 30 L’Oréal Steampod 2.0 valued at more than $258.87.
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¿What kind of products will I find in a Beauty Box?
Usually there will be skin and hair care, makeup and beauty products. These products are chosen with care to be useful for everyone. So you can rest easy knowing that everything that comes in your beauty box can be used independently of your skin or hair type.
The size of the products usually are travel or sale size.
Can I only buy the LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015 edition?
Yes. This is one of the great advantages of LookFantastic Beauty Boxes. You can buy individual boxes without having to subscribe. You can get it here.
Subscriptions are automatically renewed?
Only if you want it. Another plus for LookFantastic. Buy what you want to buy, no surprises on your bank statement. For example, if you sign up to a six months subscription and you want to keep getting more boxes, you have to buy it again.
View automathically renewed subscriptions here
Are these subscriptions worth it?
Yes, if you are not sure I suggest you start with a three months subscription. Here I write subscriptions prices so you see the difference and how much you can save:

Time Price by Month Total Price
1 Month $23.25 $23.25
3 Months $20.65 $62.00
6 Months $19.40 $116.25
12 Months $17.45 $209.25

More About LookFantastic Subscriptions
Where can I see LookFantastic Beauty Box October 2015 content?
In theory it’s a surprise but, as they deliver then the first week of October, the second week I will be able to tell you what are the products in them and if you like them (and they are still available) you can order yours.
Available Discount Codes
Next you have some vouchers you can apply when buying subscriptions boxes as well as other products. You can also see an updated list with all the Look Fantastic promos at my Look Fantastic Discount Code Selection.
** There are days discount codes aren’t working with subscriptions. Try them anyway. **

LF - 12% Discount
LAST CHANCE: save 12% on your order. Exclusions apply. Valid for old boxes. Expires on 07/10/2015
Go To Shop
5 días restantes

BB LF - 12% Discount
Welcome to October! Save 12% on your order today - use this code . Plus, receive a weekends supply of luxury skincare samples FREE when you spend £55 onsite today.
Go To Shop
Último día:

BB LF - 10% Discount for New Users
New clients will get a 10% discount. Sometimes is valid with subscriptions. Not valid for one month boxes purchases. Click on REVELAR CUPON button to reveal the discount code.
Go To Shop

LF - 15% Discount
Save 15% on your order. Valid for old beauty boxes. Exclusions apply. Valid on OCTOBER.
Go To Shop
29 días restantes

LookFantastic has plenty of discounts codes available and I have gathered a lot of them at the post I’m writing about this store. There are a number of brands that are usually excluded from promotions, including recent monthly beauty boxes but discounts use to work with old boxes (like May, June or August).
You will find usually codes can be applied to 3, 6, 12 months subscriptions but 1 month boxes are excluded and codes that work now, are not working for some time and then are working again.
Get Your October Beauty Box $23.10
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