Review Love Trap by Amnon Jackot

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

Disclosure:This is a review made with Tomoson in exchange of a book.

Happy 2015.My first post  this years is a review.Iam reading an excellent book call Love trap.Read my review here in Goodreads .  

One of my achievement last year was reading entires books.i love kindle.Is one of the best thing.Kindle is for tablets and computers 8 or higher.This year  do this.If you have a tablet open a kindle account.And go to the goodreads social site.Is a very good start  for readers around the globe.Love trap is a story of this doctor who went to Jewrusalem and was very poor.Is 

interesting,i always taught that doctors hace a lot of money.But this woman have problems because she done somenthing that she is not suposed to do.End in jail .And when she leave the jail,her life was difficult because she can"t find a decent job.

Then she meets a man.Read this story.Is one of the must have for books bloggers.

Cnt 2:12 Se han mostrado las flores en la tierra, El tiempo de la canción ha venido, Y en nuestro país se ha oído la voz de la tórtola.

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