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Basic Wardrobe SS

The Basic Wardrobe is our best ally when dressing, and in spring-summer, when the warm weather, the colorful and the need to renew our image arrive, much more. If in addition we learn to reinvent it with seasonal garments and interesting brands, we can get the most of it!.

This week in AF Moda we have made a post in collaboration with the brand Cero Limites, and we have created some simple but full of personality looks combining their wonderful T-Shirts with garments of a basic wardrobe.

But let"s start by remembering what the basic wardrobe is: is the one that contains the basic clothing that we constantly use from one year to another. We can wear these garments repeatedly and we can also combine them with what we already have or with trendy garments, and if they are of good quality, we can reuse and make the most of them.

Let´s keep in mind that pattern and long of these garments, as well as the thickness of their fabrics will depend on the physiognomy and style of each person. The important thing is that we choose those that we feel better with, and especially allowing us to feel comfortable and beautiful at all times. The personal image we project has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves, and therefore, it´s very important that we choose garments that enhance our self-esteem, making us feel good with our appearance and the way we show ourselves to the world.

In the case of the Spring-Summer in our basic wardrobe can´t be miss:
Basic Wardrobe Spring Summer

- Short or Bermuda in a neutral color (white, beige or black)

- Capri or long pants made of cotton or linen (beige or khaki)

- Capri or long jeans

- Mini or midi skirt in bright colors (plain or printed)

- Ballerinas in bright colors or neutral colors combined

- Sport Shoes

- Flat Sandals

- Heel Sandals

- Maxi bag in bright color

- Cross Shoulder bag

- Clutch of summer materials (raffia, crochet, etc.)

The Cero LimitesT-Shirts highlight for their colorful, classic cut and high quality cotton. They are simple and basic garments that go beyond fashion, becoming a standard of personal development and positive life philosophy. In this sense, the philosophy of the brand fits perfectly with the Spring-Summer season, with the joy of life, with the inner light, the sun and good weather, so these t-shirts are the ideal complement for your spring-summer looks.
CeroLimites T-shirts

To finish this post, we leave some ideas of outfits with CeroLimites T-shirts and basic wardrobe clothing. In AF Moda we love the brand slogan, "It"s time to believe in you"and we would also add it´s time to go out and succeed with your best smile, your best look and your best T-shirt!.
CeroLimites Fashion

T-shirts with positive messages

Fashion and Coaching

Fashion with CeroLimites

Different T-shirts

Special T-shirts

Have a Nice Week and See you NextTime!

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