Anatomía del zapato femenino

¿Sabes cuáles son las partes del zapato?

partes zapato

partes zapato 2

Counter (contrafuerte)– A stiff piece of material inserted in the heel section of the quarter, between the lining and the upper. Counters give extra support and shape to the heel.

Quarter (caña)– The back and sides of the upper.

Top Line / Top Edge (collar)– The upper edge of the three dimensional curve. Also referred to as the Collar.

Sock Lining – A thin layer of material placed on top of the insole. Most notably used for branding the name of the manufacturer / designer and giving an extra layer of comfort.

Insole (plantilla) – A thick layer of fabric that rests in the inner part of the shoe on top of the outsole.

Lining  (forro)– A material used to line the inside of the shoe. Mainly the upper (Quarter, Counter, and Vamp).

Vamp (escote) – The section of the shoe that covers the bridge of the foot. Most women pumps have low and high vamps.

Toe Box (puntera) – A stiff piece of material inserted between the toe cap and the lining that protects your toes, but also keeps them in place.

Heel Seat – The top of the heel where the upper, counter and quarter rest on.

Heel Breast – The outer part of the heel that faces forward and adjoins to the shank.

Heel (tacón) – A designed / shaped material to increase the height, and adjust one’s posture.

Top Piece / Heel Tip / Top Lift (tapa)– A very dense and durable material designed for wear and tear to protect the bottom of the heel. Also touches the ground with the outsole.

Shank (puente)– A piece of metal that runs between the outsole and the insole of the arch, which provides support and structure.

Outsole (suela)– The outer part of the shoe that touches the ground.


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