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2015 SWIMWEAR TRENDS: My Swimwear and me! (Part 1)

Swimwear Trends 2015

2015 Swimwear Trends are full of interesting alternatives that will make us feel beautiful under the sea and at the beach environments during this summer.

While it is true that, as it happens with clothes we can have "swimwear basic wardrobe," is also true that we can update it with 2015 swimwear trends, charging them with a new life and allowing us to reinvent our look. Fortunately, today there are increasing chances of buying swimsuit parts separately, so we have it very easy to transform our swimwear every season.

And as we in AF Moda love to help you make your purchases consciousness and intelligent, here"s our summary of trends of 2015 swimwear trends:

As for colors, variety is coming, especially emphasizing the blue, green, orange, fuchsia and black.

Swimwear Colors 2015

The prints will also be very varied, but mainly we will find flowers, fruits, tropical designs, animal print, tribal print and polka dots.

Swimwear Prints 2015

As for details, this season we will find many ruffles, lace, ruffled edges, very discreet embroidery, colored brocades and strips to tie (in panties and tops, also in swimsuits).

Swimwear Details 2015

Concerning to Shapes, this summer we will find the classic combinations of bikini or full swimsuit. It highlights the trend to enhance breast through pronounced necklines, fill, push-up and forms of bandeau bikinis, combined with small panties. We will also find much asymmetric swimsuits and bikinis. And finally, the star trend of the season is the "Midkini" a type of bikini with a vintage and retro touch, which works in two ways: having high pants combined with small top; or on the contrary, having  a bigger top (cropped top type) and small panties. The Midkini came stomping this season.

Swimwear Shapes 2015

Swimwear Cuts 2015

As you can see, the options for 2015 swimwear trends are varied and all just as wonderful and interesting! It"s a matter of knowing how to choose the pieces, how to combine them with what we have already and above all knowing what goes best with our body shape.

In our next post we will explain how to adapt the 2015 swimwear trends to each of the female body shape and morphologies, in order to make you succeed this summer. In AF Moda we love this time of year, and share it with you. So don´t miss our meeting!!.

Have a nice week and See you next time!!

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