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Today I want to introduce you a new wholesale womens clothing brand: Anemoye, with love for street fashion clothes. Follow their trends! You will enjoy the best outfit ideas! They ship everywere. Minimum order is 150 euro. Website is opened just to traders and shops that need furniture. Pay with the worlds most popular and secure payment methods!

Anemoye is a slovenian company that recently opened with its warehouse being based in Ljubljana. They have expanded their line and now produce fashionable clothing at affordable prices, which are available all over the world. Fashion industry reveals a part of our personalities before we even say our first "hi," and it develops and changes as we grow, allowing us to wear our histories on our backs. It lets you put your hands around art and beauty on a day to day basis, and allows you to be playful even when your day is over-filled with routine and schedules. Its pieces of who we are and who we wish we were, as well as people we admire and want to emulate!
Several people stock cheap things that we can easily find on the internet. But to make a successful wholesale womens clothing, you need much more than that! Online stores are the ultimate destination for on-trend fashion for your wardrobe. Choose from an infinite range of styles at the best value, across formal and casual, womens ethnic and western, cute and trendy youth wear across a range of labels that are exclusively. Promise of product quality, the brand fulfils the contemporary everyday fashion need of staying stylish, whatever the occasion. And then dares you, encourages you, to make it into your life. You find something beautiful because you see yourself in that beauty. Please, click the pictures to know more info!

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