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Please excuse me for the awful quality of these pictures. My old photographer (ex-boyfriend) and I are no longer together. Not that I need to tell you about my personal life, but I do feel I need to explain why I am not updating my website as frequently. To be honest this happened a long time ago, but thanks to all my traveling this past year and my family and friends I was able to manage for quit ...

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FALL 2016: OUTFIT 18

Winter is the air, it’s getting so much colder and its time for those thick knits, and when it comes to those I have a favorite that beats them all. This Balenciaga turtleneck is my number one knitwear, winter-time sweater. The quality is way beyond any sweater I have ever owned or even touched and the style is as timeless as it gets. Combined with anything it will work, but for today I chos ...